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Why the Bruins need to win this series...

The Bruins have themselves in a hole after going down 2-1 in the series to the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins will play the closest thing to a "must win game" than they have played all season when they take the ice in Raleigh on Friday night. The following are a few (mostly selfish) reasons why the Bruins need to win this series.

- I don't want to have to start writing about the Providence Bruins quest for a Calder Cup or about some 17 year old kid from Saskatoon that the Bruins might draft late in the first round... and I doubt you want to read that either.

- I don't want the 2008-2009 Bruins to be like the kid that peaked in high school.

- I don't want to hear every "die-hard Whalers fan" I know from the Nutmeg State claiming that the "Whalers" beat the B's.

- I can't deal with the symbolism of the Bruins' season ending to a team whose logo looks like a toilet flush.

- I don't want to hear about how the Bruins should have traded for Erik Cole at the deadline despite the fact that he only has 1 point in the playoffs (although, he is making up for it with a sick playoff beard).

- Does anyone really want to see a potential Anaheim-Carolina Stanley Cup Finals?

- I am tired of seeing the Bruins shit the bed in the playoffs year after year.

- I want to read more of Bill Burr's blog entries for (There haven't been any more posts from Burr after his slamming of the Carolina Hurricanes fans before Game 1. I hope that the NHL didn't pull the plug on him like they did with Kevin Smith.).

- I want Jeremy Jacobs to be the first owner in sports history ever to be booed at a victory parade.

-  I am not one of those fans that says that this season will be a big disappointment if the Bruins don't win the Stanley Cup, but it will be disappointing if the Bruins don't get to at least the Eastern Conference Finals.

- They have beat better teams than the Carolina Hurricanes this season. The Hurricanes are playing great hockey right now, but I don't think they are a better team than the Bruins...even though the Canes have outplayed them the past 2 games. The Canes haven't added anyone other than Erik Cole since the Bruins swept them in the regular season. Everyone loves to say "this isn't the same team that they saw in the regular season", but you know what? This is exactly the same team they saw in the regular season.

- I want to see how all those idiots that got "City of Champions" or "Title Town" tattoos attempt to add the Bruins logo.

- A B's-Caps or B's-Pens series would be a lot of fun.

- I don't want to hear morons who don't follow hockey calling into to WEEI complaining about how the Bruins never spend money on players despite the fact that they spend to the cap.

- I don't want to hear a bunch of "Caniacs" that can't even skate say "WE beat y'all".

- I want to see the Bruins looking like ZZ Top