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Link Chowder 6/12


Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

7 signs that your team is not winning Game 7 [Down Goes Brown] 

A Handy User's Manual for Flyers Fans: Emery 2.0 [Five for Smiting]

Hockey + Pork Products = The Hamley Cup [Puck Daddy]

Drunk Pens fan gives Keith Jones his seal of approval [Barry Melrose Rocks] 

According to owner Jeremy Jacobs, the Bruins should be reaching an extension with GM Peter Chiarelli in the next few weeks [WEEI]

A Buffalo city councilor thinks that his awful city will be even worse if an NHL team moves to Southern Ontario. Hey cheer up, you still have Buffalo Wings and 4 AFC Championships. [National Post]

China Jack is fired up for Game 7! [YouTube]

Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks on why he thinks fighting belongs in hockey [Player Press]