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Where the B's will pick (pending any trades)...

1st Round

 25th pick

2nd Round

No Picks (Traded Ben Walter & 2nd round pick to Islanders for Petteri Nokelainen on 9/11/07)

3rd Round

81st pick (Conditional Pick: Bruins acquired conditional 3rd or 4th round pick from the Flyers along with Ned Lukacevic for Andrew Alberts on 10/13/08. Bruins pick here if Andrew Alberts re-signs with the Flyers before the draft.)

86th pick

4th Round

112th pick (Conditional, if Andrew Alberts is not signed by the Flyers before the start of Friday night's draft)

Bruins traded their own 4th round pick to Minnesota along with Petr Kalus for Manny Fernandez on 7/1/07.

5th Round

No Picks (Traded 5th round pick and Nate DiCasmirro to Phoenix for Alex Auld on 12/6/07. Phoenix then traded the pick to Ottawa.)

6th Round

176th pick

7th Round

206th pick

So as of right now, the Bruins have the 5 picks in this year's NHL Entry Draft (#25, #86, #112, #176, and #206). Something tells me that this is going to change. Peter Chiarelli said this week that he is looking to move up in the first round.