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2009 NHL Entry Draft Prospects: Stefan Elliott


As we approach the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, I will be taking a closer look at some of the players that might be available when the Bruins are scheduled to pick at #25. I am starting off with Stefan Elliott, a player that many mock drafts have going to Boston with the 25th pick.

Stefan Elliott


Saskatoon (WHL)

6'1" 184 lbs

Shoots: Right

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC

Date of Birth: 1/30/91

'08-'09 Saskatoon Blades - Stefan Elliott 71 16 39 55 20 26 8 0 1

Stefan Elliott has been described by some scouts as "a poor man's Mike Green". He has shown tremendous offensive skill. Although far from a liability in his own end of the rink, some scouts think that he could use some improvement with the defensive aspects of his game. By most accounts, Elliott is a great teammate and a character kid that most teams would want in their room.


- Offensive ability

- Makes good decisions with the puck

- Smart (He was the WHL All-Scholastic Player of the Year)

- Strong positional play in the defensive zone

- Ability to "quarterback" the power play.

- Bruins have had pretty good luck with kids from Vancouver.


- Not a very physical player

- Seems to be very offensive-minded and likes to jump up into the play a lot. This isn't a bad thing as long as he knows when to join the rush.

- Needs to get stronger

NHL Combine Performance (out of 104 attendees)

- Finished 9th in Anaerobic Fitness Mean Power Output (10.9 watt/kg). '09 NHL Combine Avg: 10.3

- 2nd in Standing Long Jump (116.0 inches). '09 NHL Combine Avg: 103.0 inches

- 9th in Vertek Vertical Jump/Pause (29.8 inches). "09 NHL Combine Avg: 25.1 inches

- 9th in Vertek Vertical Jump/No Pause (31.8 inches). '09 NHL Combine Avg: 26.1 inches

- 10th in Vertek Leg Power Peak (Sayers)/No Pause (6544.0). '09 NHL Combine Avg: 5864.0

- 4th in 4 Jump (Mat) Mode: Average Jump Height (25.20 inches). '09 NHL Combine Avg: 20.14 inches