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Bruins buy out Peter Schaefer's contract


Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe is reporting that the Bruins have bought out the contract of Peter Schaefer. The move will cost the Bruins $566,667 against the cap for the next two seasons.

Who does this move benefit? The only person that benefits from this deal is Jeremy Jacobs, who has a few extra million in his bank account now.

There are only three explanations for this move:

1. The organization (read: Jacobs family) got tired of paying $2.1 million for an AHL player.

2. Peter Schaefer was a complete cancer to the room down in Providence, so the organization didn't want him anywhere near their prospects.

3. Peter Chiarelli thinks that he has a chance of making the big club somewhere else and he wanted to give him an opportunity to revive his NHL career.

At any rate, Schaefer just got canned...