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NHL schedules press conference at Fenway


The NHL announced that they have scheduled a press conference for next Wednesday (July 15th) at 2:00 p.m. ET at Fenway Park to "make a major announcement concerning a special event". Obviously, this is to officially announce that the Winter Classic will be played at Fenway (...or the cruelest practical joke ever) . Everyone has known for months that the game will be played at Fenway. There are still some question marks as to who the Bruins will play. The Philadelphia Flyers have been widely reported as the Bruins' opponents, but there has been no official announcement. According to sources, Boston University and Boston College are also scheduled to play a game at Fenway Park on Jan 8th.

While chances are that the NHL is holding this presser to announce Fenway as the site of the 2010 NHL Winter Classic, Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy offered a few speculations as to the real nature of the announcement including my favorite:

The League is mum about the nature of the announcement, leading us to speculate that:

A. The Coyotes have been sold to Jim Koch of Sam Adams and will play all their home games at Fenway as the Boston Old Fezziwigs.