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How much will the Bruins travel this season?

Dirk Hoag from On The Forecheck (SB Nation's Nashville Predators blog) released his annual Super Schedule post where he breaks down how many miles each NHL team will travel this season.

According to Dirk, the Bruins are scheduled to travel 34,969 miles this season. This is a 4,104 increase from the '08-'09 season. The Bruins were spared from their annual road trip to start the year while the circus is in town, but they will still have some long road trips. The longest road trip for the B's will come in March, when they hit the road for a 7 games in 11 days. Thankfully the 11 day road trip will keep them on the East Coast (New York Islanders, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Philadelphia, Montreal, New Jersey and Carolina).  Kevin Paul Dupont pointed out in this morning's Globe that the Bruins will not play at home for over a month between February 6th and March 2nd partially due to the 2 week long break for the Olympics. The Bruins will only play 2 homes games between February 7th and March 17th.

34,969 miles is a lot of frequent flyer miles, but it pales in comparison to the 55,331 miles that members of the Calgary Flames will be traveling.