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Will we know about Phil Kessel's future in Boston by Opening Night?

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Published in a recent USA Today article by hockey writer Kevin Allen, is the following quote from Phil Kessel:

 "There is no date," Kessel said. "…either way it will get done before the season for sure."

This may have been Phil Kessel simply giving his opinion on what he thinks will happen in the next few weeks or it was Kessel leaking information about a dateline being set by either Kessel and his agent Wade Arnott or by Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins. Then again, maybe Kessel didn't realize that the Bruins can theorically wait until December 1st to make a decision about re-signing him. 

Whatever the case may be, James Murphy from thinks that Kessel's statements re-iterate that the Bruins and Kessel are still very far apart in their negotiations.