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Lucic & Team Canada open up camp in Calgary

Milan Lucic was one of the 46 players invited to Team Canada's Olympic Orientation Camp that opened on Monday in Calgary, Alberta. Lucic is considered by many fans to be a long shot to make the Olympic roster and isn't getting much love from the hockey scribes north of the border either. Perhaps they are selling the big winger short.  Maybe Team Canada is realizing that teams full of All-Star goal scorers don't always equate to success on the ice. Canada's goal scorers might benefit from even more open ice created by Milan Lucic's hard-hitting style of play. Although Looch has a lot of work ahead of him to make this team, I think he will get more of a look than some people think. Let's not forget this is a Brian Burke team.

"I'm not really a guy who beats guys one on one dangling on the ice,'' Lucic admitted Monday upon his arrival in Calgary. "I've got to show I can keep up with the pace.

"I think I've got to show my smartness of the game and being good in the defensive zone and show I'm able to make good plays and be smart in those areas.''

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