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Bruins Foundation to host "Swing Like Happy Gilmore Long Drive Contest"


Milan Lucic and Tim Thomas are hosting a "Swing Like Happy Gilmore Long Drive Contest" on September 1st from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Golf Country in Middleton (the driving range next to Richardson's Ice Cream) to raise money for the Bruins Foundation. For $10, fans will get three Sandler-like swings to hit a golf ball as far as possible. The long drive champ will receive an invite for dinner for 2 at this year's Bruins Foundation Golf Tournament and an autographed Milan Lucic jersey. The runner-up will get a hockey stick-inspired putter signed by Milan Lucic and Tim Thomas. The Bruins Foundation will also hold raffles for Bruins memorabilia at the event.

"Step right up folks. See if you can outdrive the amazing golf...ball, uh, whacker guy." - Happy Gilmore

The staff at Golf Country just asks that you refrain from training for hockey try-outs in their batting cages...