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Some weekend fodder

     Just wanted to get some chatter going for the weekend, I am hoping to get to training camp on Sunday, so hopefully there will be a post on that later this weekend.  Is anyone else besides myself and S.O.C (my abbreviation for Mr.Chowder) very intrigued by these latest Phil Kessel developments?  It certainly looks to me that his days are indeed numbered.  Which is heartbreaking to me as he is my favorite current Bruin, I would love to see him comeback.  Since I got 5 reply posts such a thunderous response to my "Top 5 goalies" post, I decided to make it a weekly thing.  This weeks category:

Top 5 Bruin Tough Guys Not Named Neely,Lucic, or O'Reilly

1) John "The Wire" Wensink -I could watch his fight videos at Half-Time Pizza all day

2) PJ Stock -Pound for pound (no pun intended) was one of the toughest fighters I have ever seen

3) Stan Jonathan -Even on the ground he was a true tough guy.

4) Willi Plett -Nobody ever remembers his Bruin days, a true dark horse in this topic.

5) Shawn Thornton -I really enjoy watching him play night in and night out, hits like a truck and punches just as hard.


Lets hear yours................