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Predators' GM says he has had trade talks with B's about Kessel

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Nashville Prdeators general manager David Poile has expressed interest in acquiring Phil Kessel. According to John Glennon of the Tennessean, Polie has had talks with Peter Chiarelli about Kessel and would prefer to trade rather than go the offer sheet route:

"We've talked concepts,'' Poile said of his conversations with Chiarelli. "I'd be very interested to see if there might be something he would like from the Predators.''

Glennon threw out Alexander Radulov's name as possible trade bait. Really? I know the perception around the league must be that the Bruins want to get rid of Kessel and will take anything in return for him (which is far from the truth), but do you really think the B's want a guy that is under contract with a KHL team for the next two years? Do they really need another Carl Soderberg? Chances are that the Radulov part of this report was picked out of thin air by the writer. If the Predators want a chance to land a player of Phil Kessel's caliber,  they will have to do a little better than offering a guy that likely has no intention of ever playing in the NHL.

I wouldn't mind seeing Shea Weber in black & gold, but I doubt that Poile would offer Weber in this deal.

On the brightside, if Kessel got traded to the Predators, it would be a comedic gold mine for a wise-ass headline writer like myself.