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Bruins unveil Winter Classic jerseys at town hall meeting

The Bruins held their annual "See, Jeremy Jacobs isn't such a bad guy" dog and pony show "State of the Bruins" Town Hall Meeting. Owner Jeremy Jacobs, Principal Charlie Jacobs, GM Peter Chiarelli, Head Coach Claude Julien, and players Derek Morris, Milan Lucic, and Patrice Bergeron andressed the crowd of season ticket holders and fielded questions from the fans.  

Some of the hard-hitting questions included "What does Milan Lucic eat for breakfast?" (Honey Nut Cheerios, 3 strips of bacon, and some fruit for the record) and "How do you prounouce Lucic?" (Lou-cheech for the record). The one thing, I love about this event is that the fans ask some questions that media members just can't ask (or have enough sense not to ask). It is always fun to see the awkwardness that ensues after a nervous fan asks an inappropriate question. The panel was put on the spot several times during the night with some very direct questions, but there wasn't a whole lot of new information coming from the guys on stage.

Towards the end of the event, David Krejci joined the group to unveil the Bruins Winter Classic uniforms (which Tim Thomas accidently leaked last week). The jersey (pictured left) incorporates design elements from throughout Bruins history, including the logo from the Bruins 25th anniversary. The trim, gloves, and pants appear to be black in the photo, but are actually dark brown.