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Stanley Cup of Chowder announces offseason signing


If you haven't noticed the quality and quantity of posts on this site has taken a dramatic hit in the past 6 weeks or so. Well, there is a reason for that. For most of the time that I have been writing Stanley Cup of Chowder, I have been a worthless P.O.S. who spent my days trolling the internet for ideas to write about. I was basically the self-parody of the stereotypical sports blogger (I even blogged in my underwear and lived with my parents). When I first started writing the blog last summer, I had just finished up with grad school. With very few job prospects I started writing about the B's to pass the time. Somehow, the site took off and I was offered an opportunity to write for SB Nation. While the pseudo-fame and glory of being a blogger for the best sports blog network on the internet is great, the pay is relatively low. So, I had to go out and find a "real job". Although being a productive member of society has its benefits, I do wish that I could still spend more time working on the site. I want to provide my readers with the same level of content that I churned out last season. However, it has become obvious that at times I will need some help around here. So, in stepped my friend and active Stanley Cup of Chowder member Tim (timmorrison23) to offer his help. (Actually, he offered his help about six months ago, but I stubbornly refused.) Tim is one of the biggest B's fans I know and he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the Bruins. He will be wearing the "A" around here and filling in for game previews and recaps when I am unavailable and will also write some other content from time to time. I think Tim will provide a fresh perspective for the readers and I hope you enjoy reading his stuff. Please join me in welcoming Tim to the Stanley Cup of Chowder team.