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A quick hello and thank you

Just wanted to say hello to the faithful readers of the chowder.   I am really excited to have the chance to write about or share my opinions (regardless of how wrong they actually may be) about the Bruins.  There are few things in this world I follow or am as passionate about as the Bruins.  I look forward to talking hockey with you "chowdah heads" in the future. 

In honor of this being my first post i would like to make a quick list for you to respond with your personal top 5


Top 5 Bruin Goalies not named Thomas,Cheevers,Moog

1) Jeff Hackett

2) Vinny Riendeau

3) Blaine Lacher (he was amazing for that half season after the lockout!!!!)

4) Jon Casey

5) Bill Ranford part deux (not his first stint pre-moog)