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Stanley Cup of Chowder Field Trip: Bruins vs. Rangers preseason game

Timmy and I decided to take in the B's preseason game yesterday afternoon at The Garden versus the New York Rangers(or a team comprised of guys that play for the Rangers and some that will be getting acquainted with the AHL's finest overweight puck bunnies and riding buses in a few weeks). Not willing to give into the Bruins ticket price gouging, I decided to look for tickets on Stub Hub and found loge seats for $12 each ($22 with fees). I'm glad I didn't pay the full face value because this 5-2 lackluster performance by the B's was not worth $65.

Some observations:

- Tim Thomas looked like he was in mid-season form...too bad that season was '06-'07.

- I liked the intensity shown by Drew Fata. He looked like a guy who was fighting for a job.

- No word on if Ranger goalie Chad Johnsonwill be legally changing his name to "neuve seis".

- Timmy was not impressed with the play of Jeff Penner.

- The sky isn't falling because Phil Kessel got traded. Relax people, especially you curmudgeonly old dudes behind us that got thrown out their seats for sneaking down to better seats.

- No signs of Rene Rancourt around The Garden (I guess when you have golden pipes like him, you don't need preseason), but their was some sweet young thing from Berklee belting out the anthem.

- Shouting obscenities during a preseason game and loudly quoting Andrew Dice Clay may seem like a good way to impress the ladies, but in reality it just makes you look like a jackass.

- The Winter Classic jerseys look a lot better in person. The crest and the numbers are felt.

- The Bruins had a nice moment of silence for Fred Cusick. I hope they do something bigger to honor him once the regular season starts.

- I love Steve Begin's willingness to stick up for his teammates. I really think that he is going to be well liked by the Bruins faithful.

- The Rangers had Hockey East well represented with Brian Boyle (BC) and Matt Gilroy(BU) both seeing ice time for the Blueshirts.

- Dane Byers didn't exactly show the punching prowess of his cousin Lyndon Byers.