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Are the Bruins on the verge of making a trade?

James Murphy of reported last night via Twitter that the Bruins could be close to making a trade:

Was just told by source that a "trade is coming" for Bruins. That was all but one has to believe some kind of shakeup will happen.

- James Murphy via Tweeter (MurphysLaw74)

Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub also mentioned a "major trade" could be happening soon. They mentioned the possibility of a trade with the Edmonton Oilers, which leads me to believe that T&R may have gotten that rumor from everyone's favorite rumor monger that I will not mention by name or link to here. His post said that the Bruins could be making a deal with Edmonton that would give them a goal scorer and another piece that would set up a trade with Atlanta. I think the Bruins will make a move, but I would be shocked if it went down like this considering the source.

Whatever deal the Bruins are about to make, it is unlikely that it will involve Tuukka Rask or Toronto's first round pick. Also, don't expect to see Ilya Kovalchuk in black & gold.