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Chiarelli: not trading Toronto's pick and not firing Julien

Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli has no interest in trading away the first round pick they received from the Toronto Maple Leafs as part of the Phil Kessel deal and has indicated that Claude Julien's job as head coach of the Boston Bruins is safe.

"I can tell you one thing, I'm not trading Toronto's pick [for this year]. "I am not trading it. That pick is too valuable."

- Peter Chiarelli via

When ask by members of the media at today's practice in Wilmington if Claude Julien's job was in jeopardy, Chiarelli said "absolutely not". This is the same sentiment that has been echoed by the players in recent days.

While I agree with Chiarelli on both these issues, I'm not sure I would have handcuffed my future decisions with such definitive statements. Things can change pretty quickly in this game. Remember when the Bruins were considered front-runners in the Eastern Conference?