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Fun with the '10-'11 Bruins Media Guide

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One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to peruse the media guide. Not so much for the in-depth stats and team history, but more for the interesting facts and quotes from players.

Just how well do you know your Boston Bruins?

Did you know?....

Yury Alexandrov once "sailed with dolphins"...and man, were the people at SeaWorld pissed...

Matt Bartkowski was a band geek (or more accurately, in the orchestra) in high school.

Patrice Bergeron's real full name is Patrice Bergeron-Cleary but he does not use his full hyphenated name.

Zdeno Chara's favorite sports team is Discovery Team Cycling. They said sport, not leisurely activity or mode of transportation for 8-year-olds and DUI offenders.

Adam Courchaine could be a pink hat. His favorite "Boston Hangout" is Fenway Park.

If Matt Dalton wasn't playing hockey, he would be farming. Remember, stay in school kids.

Andrew Ference's nickname is "Fernuckle". We can only assume this was gained as the result of too much "alone time" on the road.

One thing that Zach Hamill always brings on the road is "clothes". Good work, kid. You can dress yourself. Next stop: the NHL.

Matt Hunwick's nickname is "Munch". This one may have been coined by a groupie, but there is no confirmation on that.

David Krejci's favorite sports teams are Real Madrid and Manchester United...front runner.

Jeff LoVecchio appeared in a GMC truck commercial with Brendan Shanahan when he was in second grade. Brendan Shanahan was 55.

Brad Marchand's nickname is "Squirrel" and he is "awesome at hopscotch".

Jeff Penner is really bad at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

One thing that you always find in Tuukka Rask's fridge is "a light". What a weisenheimer that Tuukka is.

They pretty much all what to be on Entourage...and I'm not sure what that says about this team. I mean, let's be honest. Entourage is a show for douchebags.

Jeremy Reich "runs a mean vacuum cleaner".

Michael Ryder, Marco Sturm, Shawn Thornton, Trent Whitfield are the only honest members of the Bruins. They all said that they always have beer in the fridge.

Nolan Schaefer always brings a black shirt on the road... Come on, man. You are supposed to wear white on the road. Black is for home games. No wonder you aren't going to make the cut.

Tyler Seguin is really bad at ballet and wants to be on Oprah.

Wyatt Smith brings gossip magazines on the road with him.

Marco Sturm's nickname is "German"...and his teammates are lazy.

Marco Sturm loves him some good schnitzel.