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KPD Report: Chara and Bruins agree to long-term deal

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Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, who is traveling with the Bruins in Prague, posted an entry this morning on's Bruins Blog announcing that the Bruins will likely announce a long-term contract extension for Zdeno Chara today. According to Zdeno Chara's agent, Matt Keator, the deal will be for 6 or 7 years and will be officially announced sometime today. Chara current contract expires at the end of the season and an additional 6 or 7 years would keep Chara in The Hub until at least the age of 40.

While, I agree that Chara is an important member of this team and I would like to see him stay in Boston, I'm not sure I would take the risk of inking such a long-term deal. Hockey is a brutal game and unless you are Mark Recchi , Brendan Shanahan, or Chris Chelios, you don't usually stick around until your 40th birthday. I will wait until I hear the real terms of this deal before I give a complete review, but the length of this deal scares me.