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Vandalism in TD Garden restroom video inspires new "rule" video

By now, you may have seen the video of the (allegedly) drunk chick in the Milan Lucic t-shirt kicking a hole in a pillar inside on of the women's restrooms at TD Garden:


The Bruins and their advertising agency of record, Mullen used this instant internet classic as inspiration for their latest "rule":


That's good stuff right there. The B's are really trying hard to shed their stodgy image lately. There is no way they would release a video like this 10 years ago. Then again, 10 years ago 20-something year-old drunk chicks weren't filming themselves with cellphones vandalizing restrooms. A small amount of spackle, some paint, and the cost of a low budget promo shoot is small price to pay for comedic gold and plenty of internet buzz. Nice work B's!

H/T to Barstool Sports