Puck Mover hunt - MA Bergeron?

Hearing that Chia's still after his white whale of a puck moving defenceman in spite of the current cap situation, I find myself scouring the league for speculative trade partners. But a name popped to mind I'm surprised to see is still an FA - Marc Andre Bergeron.

He was a shot in the arm to Montreal's power play last year, not to mention relatively cheap, and only seems to have been jettisoned due to the emergence of PK Subban. He's coming back from a knee injury (great, like we need another of those...) but if as mobile as seasons past, he could be valuable as a PP specialist. Tampa's presently having a good look at him, so it sounds as though there's some optimism about his recent surgery. He's not the most impressive guy in his own end historically, but he never stood out to me last year or years prior in MN as a disaster ala 09/10 Wideman.

Given how well our recent history of picking up Montreal castoffs has worked, I'm a little uneasy about the idea but he's played on a trap-tastic team in the Wild and could adapt pretty quickly to Julien's version of the Lemaire style. He's never earned over 1.6m, and was 750k last year. Presuming 1) he's healthy and 2) we could get him in the mix for the cost of one Daniel Paille on waivers, what thinks you guys? Is there only room for one Bergeron on the point on the B's powerplay? Anyone else you'd rather see that would come cheaply?

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