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Link Chowder 2/19

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Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

Many, including Joe Haggerty have been throwing around the name of Nashville Predators defenseman Dan Hamhuis as a possible trade deadline addition for the B's []

Dave Lewis is an assistant coach for Belarus at the Olympics (not a typo) [Nightmare on Helm Street]

The always candid Ted Leonsis writes about the strange relationship between the NHL and the IOC [Ted's Take]

The giant orgy known as the Olympic Village is stocked with 100,000 condoms including some with the image of a sexually suggestive cartoon curling rock on the wrapper [MSNBC]

It looks like Mike Comrie is enjoying the Olympic Break [Big League Screw]

Congratulations to fellow Bruins blogger Greg Ezell of Something's Bruin, who tied the knot with his new wife this week [Something's Bruin]

The Stanley Cup of Chowder Store is open for business. "Tuukka Time", "Boston is a Hockey Town again", and Stanley Cup of Chowder logo t-shirt designs are now available [Stanley Cup of Chowder Store]