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Go Habs Go???

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For the first time in my life I will root for the Montreal Canadiens. Hold on, I just threw up in my mouth a bit. OK, I'm alright. That's right, I will be rooting for the Habs to knock off the Washington Capitals and give the Bruins home ice against the Philadelphia Flyers in Round 2.

While our natural reaction as B's fans is wish misfortune to anyone with a "CH" on their chest, the benefits of a Habs win in Game 7 against Alex Ovechkin and the Caps far outweigh the small pleasure of seeing the Habs start their summer vacation.  A Habs win means that the most electric team in hockey is out of the playoffs, the Bruins will get to play a Philly team that is beat up and has shaky goaltending instead of facing Sidney Crosby and the defending Stanley Cup Champions, and it also means that the B's get a home ice advantage. 

So, for tonight only, I say "Allez Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge"!.