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Cam Neely will reportedly be named President of the Bruins

Several media outlets in town including WEEI and The Boston Globe are reporting that Cam Neely will be named to the position of President of the Boston Bruins. The Bruins have issued a press release to announce that a press conference has been scheduled at TD Garden at 2:00 PM Wednesday to make "a major announcement".

Neely has been a member of the Bruins' front office for the past 3 seasons and currently holds the title of Vice President. The position of President has been vacant since 2006, when Harry Sinden's title and role were diminished to "Senior Advisor to the Owner" after 17 seasons as the club's President.

Many fans have long wondered what role Neely currently plays in the team's operations. Some have implied that Neely's influence on player personnel decisions is minimal and view him as little more than a goodwill ambassador for the club. Fans may wonder if this promotion will really give Neely a larger role in the organization or if it is simply a figure head position and a publicity stunt for a organization that desperately needs to some good press. If it is just a publicity stunt, then they could have pick a better time than the day after the Celtics potentially clinch the NBA Championship to make this announcement.

If this is in fact a real change in the leadership of the Boston Bruins, Jeremy Jacobs needs to send Harry Sinden packing. I realize all Sinden has done for the Bruins and the league, but it is time to move on. Sinden has a very limited role now as "Senior Advisor to the Owner", but if Neely wants this to be his team, he can't have the last President wandering around the halls and breathing down his neck. The dismissal of Sinden will also send the message to the fans that this team really wants to break away from the old leadership on Causeway Street and start fresh.

Congratulations to Cam Neely on the promotion. I hope this means positives things for the Bruins in the coming years.