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Joe Haggerty: Bruins' top priority is to move Tim Thomas

Joe Haggerty of is reporting that according to his sources the Bruins #1 priority this off-season is to move Tim Thomas. According to Haggerty, Thomas has been shopped to the San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

I think the Bruins need to move Thomas and not just to write his contract off the books. Thomas obviously wants to be the #1 goaltender and that is not going to happen now that Tuukka Rask has won the job. Thomas is scheduled to make $6 million ($5 million cap hit) next season. That is a lot money to pay a guy that will be working the door 50 nights a year. Thomas has had to work hard to get to where he is today and I get the feeling that he does not want to be a back-up at this stage in his career. Having a guy like Thomas around that feels as though he should be the starter and is making starter's money can not be good for the room. Giving Tim Thomas the opportunity to start somewhere else is the best move for all parties involved. Now, the Bruins just need to find a sucker trade partner that is willing to take on one of the worst contracts in the league for a overrated, 36-year-old goalie coming off of off-season hip surgery.