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Chiarelli: Savard "suffering symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome"

During Peter Chiarelli's press conference today, the Bruins General Manager announced that Marc Savard will not be participating in the start of training camp due to post-concussion symptoms that are lingering from when Matt Cooke rang his bell back in March. It is unclear when Marc Savard will be able to return to the ice.

You have to wonder if rushing Savard back in the playoffs set back his recovery. Was this a case of Savvy being myopic and wanting to help his team in the short run and ultimately hurting his team in the long run or would the symptoms have reoccurred no matter how cautious he was with his recovery?

Peter Chiarelli mentioned that Savard came to him during the summer to tell him that he was experiencing these symptoms, which makes you wonder if the the B's were trying to shop a defective product to teams around the league.