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Savard could be headed to LTIR to start season

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli held a conference call with members of the media this morning to discuss a number issues including Marc Savard's condition.

On the depression that goes along with post-concussion syndrome:

"It's a real delicate situation and he's been making progress. From the spectrum of the organization we are going to do everything to help him.  What I can tell you also is that he was in the room doctoring up his sticks like he normally does and that was a good thing to see."

On the possibility of Marc Savard starting the year on the long-term injured reserve:

"That could happen. It is a little early to tell, but based on what he is going through: the post-concussion syndromes, the time he has been experiencing [post-concussion symptoms], the time he hasn't been doing anything, it's tracking that way."

On who will step up to fill the the last remaining center spot with Marc Savard on the shelf:

"That spot is open and we're going to have a look at Wheels (Blake Wheeler) in that spot. We're going have a look at Zach [Hamill] in that spot. Some other different combinations. You may see Tyler [Seguin] go back to that spot. There's a hole there. Even [Ryan] Spooner. He is making a case. He is young and in his first pro camp, but each day, each game he is getting better and he is such a smart player. He might be able to fill in."

On what type of player he is looking for in the remaining center position:

"We have improved our wing, so obviously we want someone who can distribute the puck and make plays."

On how Savard's injury has affected his approach to filling the roster:

"I'm looking internally right now. We have a real promising and good supply of players right now...I'm not looking externally right now and I don't anticipate it, but that may change."