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Stanley Cup of Chowder adds new writer

Please welcome a new member to the Stanley Cup of Chowder team. Phunwin (AKA Phil) is joining the writing staff here. Phunwin has been an active member of this community for a while now and has really impressed us all with his solid Fan Posts. Phil will be wearing the "A" around here along with Timmy, who will both be called upon at times to provide content for the front page. I'm really happy to have a B's fan with the passion, hockey knowledge, and writing ability of Phunwin join the staff here. Please join me in welcoming Phunwin to the staff.

So, who is this new cat Phunwin you speak of?:

Phunwin is a lifelong Bruins fan.  Though born and raised 70 miles outside Montreal, with a grandfather who was a die-hard Habs fan, and having lived his entire adult life in Sabres Country, he grew up with Ray Bourque his favorite player, Cam Neely a close second, and Ulf Samuelsson dead last.  Phunwin still claims he'd sucker punch Ulf if the opportunity arose (and take the ass-whipping that would surely follow...or maybe Ulfie would just turtle out of instinct).  Phunwin currently resides in Rochester with his wife, daughter, and cat, with another on the way in December 2010...child, not cat.  Rumor has it he's an attorney when he's not drinking beer and watching hockey, but this has yet to be confirmed.