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Hitting The Links: On The Road Edition

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Apologies for the slight lateness of these links. Slept through an alarm today.

The Bruins hit the road to Carolina today, and will take on the Hurricanes tomorrow. After opening the season with a lengthy road series last year (hello, Europe), the Bruins seemed to bond together after extended stints away from home. Maybe this is just what the team needs to snap out of this miniscule funk.

After the jump, three games in and people are already hitting the panic button, and Don Cherry is being sued...

Bruins News


  • Even NESN is onboard the panic wagon. Brad Marchand, you should be MORE pesty! MORE agitating! Clearly that is what this team needs! [NESN]
  • Steven Kampfer could begin skating this week. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins' top line admittedly has been pretty invisible so far this year, but really, it worked for so long, why would you consider breaking that up? [Globe]
  • The team lacked passion yesterday but to be fair, that's not unusual for the Bruins in a matinee game. [Herald]
  • THE BEST CROSS STITCH PROJECT EVER no seriously someone go buy this, please. [Etsy]


NHL News


  • For a taste of what's to come tomorrow, here's a recap of yesterday's New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes game. [News Observer]
  • Brand new Devil Adam Larsson's 'welcome to the NHL' moment will have you guys cringing a bit. [PHT]
  • Craig Rivet - yes, THAT Craig Rivet - signed with an ECHL team yesterday. Here's the story and video. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hey, you know who scored yesterday? Dennis Wideman! [Capitals Outsider]
  • Why DID the Leafs sign Dave Steckel? They're not even in Sidney Crosby's division! [Score]
  • Speaking of Crosby, he might get cleared for contact today. [SBNation Pittsburgh]
  • The Florida Panthers signed prospect Jonathan Huberdeau today. [USA Today]
  • Don Cherry is in hot water for his comments about several ex-enforcers recently. [CBC]