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Stat of the Week

The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup defense is just 3 games old. There is very little of statistical significance that can be derived out of such a small sample. That doesn't mean, however, that we can't take note of patterns that have developed, and keep an eye on them as the new season progresses.

After 3 games, the Bruins have yet to score an even strength goal against an opponents starting goaltender. In game 1, Brad  Marchand's Goal vs. Ilya Bryzgalov was scored during a power play. Saturday's offensive outburst against Tampa Bay was played with career sieve Lightning backup Mathieu Garon between the pipes. Faced with Colorado's starter (who they're really hoping doesn't become a Nail Yakupov trivia question answer) Semyon Varlamov the Bruins were shutout yesterday in another lackluster effort.

At the same time a bounce here or there, and the numbers look totally different (and the Bruins could potentially be 3-0). The potential for the top line, with both of it's wingers recovering from injuries, to get off to a slow start was always going to be there. What's unfortunate is that the Bruins own goaltenders have strung together three Jennings worthy performances in a row, and the Bruins have walked away with just two points.

Just to illustrate how statistics (especially ones based on extremely small sample sizes) can be messed around with, you could also make the case that the Bruins offense is simply struggling against goaltenders who are from The Samara Oblast.