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Pick the Bruins Biggest Pugilist, Win Tickets from TiqIQ


So Bruins tickets are really expensive nowadays, but you still want to go see the Black and Gold live sometime before 2018. TiqIQ's got your chance to do just that, and winning free tickets is easy:

Contest Rules

The contest starts 12:00 am (CDT) Thurs, Oct 13th and ends on Nov 30th. Entries are accepted until 11:59 pm (CDT), October 31, 2011. One entry per Twitter account. If you submit multiple times, only the first entry is accepted. In order to win the tickets, you must name the player with the highest number of penalty minutes from October 13 through November 30, 2011 as well as the exact number of minutes. No "Price is Right" scoring here. It must be the exact number. In case of a tie, the first entry received with the correct name and number of minutes wins. We'll announce if anyone correctly predicted the player and penalty minutes by Dec 9th.

To enter, to do the following:
1. Follow TiqIQ on Twitter
2. Send a Tweet (message) with the Cup of Chowder handle (@cupofchowdah), the team player name, total penalty minutes and the hashtag #TakeASeat

For example, an entry could look like this (If it were 1990):
@cupofchowdah: Cam Neely, 75, #TakeASeat