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Friday Night Fights: Dave "Killer" Carlson vs. Barclay Donaldson

 Chiefs Dave "Killer" Carlson vs.Blades captain Barclay Donaldson.
Chiefs Dave "Killer" Carlson vs.Blades captain Barclay Donaldson.

Tale of the Tape:

Dave "Killer" Carlson ?'?" ???lbs

Barclay Donaldson: 6'0" 184lbs

After a rough start to the season it is time to sit back, relax and get a chuckle or two. This weeks edition will feature one of the most famous hockey fights ever. This fight may be fiction, but for hockey fans all over it is one of the classics.

Back in the old Federal League in 1977, Dave "Killer" Carlson took exception to some trash talk given to coach and captain Reggie Dunlop by goon Barclay Donaldson. Carlson decided to rush Donaldson and give him a nice clean crosscheck to the teeth. However the tides changed quickly and Donaldson has Carlson on the ice and begins pounding him silly. It just doesn't get any better for Killer as Donaldson pulls him to his knees and gives him uppercut after uppercut until the refs break up the slaughter house.

The fight seems to be over as Carlson is getting stitched up on the bench because of a split lip courtesy of Donaldson. As Donaldson is skating by the Chiefs bench Carlson climbs over the boards and jumps Donaldson. Killer starts whaling away at Donaldson's head just like Donaldson had done to him moments later. What looked to be a decisive victory for Donaldson soon turned into a solid fight. Donaldson clearly deserved the victory here, but the young Carlson proved that he had what it took to be a tough guy in that league.

Slap Shot - Dave's a killer, Dave's a mess!!!!! (via jimd32837)

The Bruins with all of their tough guys on the team have yet to get in a fight this season. Until the Bruins show some heart out there like they had all of last season, I may be on strike from included them in Friday Night Fights. There may be some Dean Youngblood vs. Carl Racki next week unless the Bruins show some grit. Something tells me the team will turn things around however tomorrow night. The Bruins are playing the Blackhawks and Shawn Thornton may want to pound someone down against the team that gave him his first chance.