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Hitting The Links: Hanging With Smaht Kids Edition

So the Bruins were obviously in slightly more relaxed mode the day after their nice shootout win over the Blackhawks, receiving a day off from coach Claude Julien. Some of them went on a field trip across the river to Harvard, where the semi-secret comedy society Harvard Lampoon presented them with the "best sports team ever" award - and proceeded to get their butts kicked by the Bruins players in....dodgeball?

Yep. dodgeball.

After the jump, more on this silly weekend plus Don Cherry apologizes and what players you need to bench on your fantasy hockey team...

Bruins News

  • Claude Julien was markedly more relaxed Saturday night. Good to get a win. [Globe]
  • Here's a piece looking at the Bruins' win over the Blackhawks and how they can use that momentum going forward. [Herald]
  • Okay here we go, the good stuff. Here is the Herald's Entertainment section's coverage of the Lampoon event, including pictures of dodgeball [Herald]
  • And the Harvard Crimson's coverage. Apparently they even gave the Bruins a trophy. [Crimson]
  • COME HANG OUT DURING THE BRUINS/LEAFS GAME. here is a fanpost with details on the get-together. [fanshot]


NHL News


  • Barry Melrose picks the greatest power forawrds of all time. [NHL]
  • Jeff Carter has a broken foot.  Time to bench him. [Yahoo]
  • NHL logos made entirely out of food. There is a flyers logo made from corned beef and an egg, I kid you not. [Puck Daddy]
  • Don Cherry apologized for his enforcer-related comments. [The Mark]
  • Have you ever seen a guy with a pink breast cancer logo covering his entire head get in a hockey fight? Well now you can say you have. [Sporting News]


Non Hockey Link of the Day


  • Animals talking in all caps. My favorite is the occupy boston giraffe. [tumblr]