Alright folks, the time is nigh. Lets get this show on the road.

For anyone who needs a recap, the "show" in question is the SCoC NYC weekend double header at NYI and NYR on 3/31 and 4/1. One last time, please confirm in the comments if you intend to attend + however many you're bringing with you. And by "confirm" I mean "willing to plunk down the money right this very second" rather than "I wanna go but can't commit yet." Prices have previously been quoted at $20 for 200-300 level seats at Nassau and $115 for 100 level group seats at MSG (they are the cheapest, alas)

I will reconfirm prices tomorrow morning with each of the ticket reps and respond here with the final price and with a paypal account to charge your ticket amount. We should also have a set date and time to get payments in - Saturday at noon? If for any reason we come up short of the necessary funds/ ticket buyers, no purchase will be made with NYR and NYI and I will promptly refund everyone.

As Cornelius mentioned in the last post, Paypal has seller dispute and fraud protection in case you're worried about me absconding with your hard earned cash, hence this method. So long as everyone is cool with the above and we've got 15 folks ready to go, let's do this thing. Respond below with your count and if you've any questions or qualms with the purchasing setup

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