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Friday Night Fights: Jay Miller vs. Shane Churla

Jay Miller fighting former Bruin and long time Canadien Chris Nilan January 8th 1985.
Jay Miller fighting former Bruin and long time Canadien Chris Nilan January 8th 1985.

Tale of the Tape:

Jay Miller:        6'2"  210lbs  204 career fighting majors

Shane Churla:  6'1"  200 lbs 185 career fighting majors

Back during the 1980's fighting in hockey was still in its prime.  Two of the best bruisers during that time were Jay Miller and Shane Churla.  Both got into around 200 fights each during their careers, something rare during the current era, and many of them were more like melees rather than fights.

On January 15, 1987 Miller and Churla engaged in an absolute battle landing numerous punches to one another.  Many of those bombs landed would be considered knock out punches to a weaker opponent.  There ins't much history on why the two decided to fight at this moment during the game.  It was just another day in the life of Jay Miller and Shane Churla, two of the toughest guys to have ever played in the NHL.  There might have been a little bad blood from a hit Cam Neely put on Churla earlier in the game,but Neely wouldn't have backed down from anyone even from a prominent fighter like Churla.  It seemed that Churla just wanted a piece of Miller before the face off and of course Miller excepted the challenge with flying colors.

From beginning to end both Churla and Miller land punch after punch.  Churla seemed to have had the edge early in the brawl landing shots at a rapid pace.  Miller made his mark during the bout by absorbing each one of Churla's rushes with an upper cut or hay-maker.  The fight only lasted about forty seconds, but between the two fighter about thirty punches were landed.  It was a classic fight between two of the best around.

Jay Miller vs. Shane Churla (via Yoeddy1)

Miller and Churla dropped the gloves again two weeks later on January 29th.  After the first bout they had, this one hardly matched the first.  During the same game, Cam Neely and Scot Kleinendorst had their famous altercations posted here a few weeks earlier in a past Friday Night Fights article.  During the eighties the feud between the Hartford Whalers and Boston Bruins was alive and well.  Fighting between the two teams wasn't uncommon at all with Hartford trying to prove their significance in the North East.  When the Hurricanes come to Boston there is a slight feeling of bitterness between the two clubs.  However there isn't quite that same animosity and hatred the two shared when the Canes were the Whalers during the good old Miller/Churla days.