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Hitting the Links: Maple Laughs Edition

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For the record, nothing annoys me further than the fact that it is "Leafs" rather than "Leaves." 

Moving on, the Bruins tripled the Leafs in goals last night and even a couple on the power play. I guess those line shuffles helped a bit eh?

After the jump, the Stanley Cup has a religious experience, a Bruins fan kills Qaddafi and Patrice Bergeron works in a fast food restaurant.

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins were just killing it last night; power play goals, Thornton got in a fight and the annual "Thank You Kessel" chant. The team from TO is always fun to have in the Garden. [Boston Herald]
  • How about a recap from the Leafs perspective? It's especially interesting to point out that this was Jonas Gustavsson's first NHL game since January because he struggled a lot with health problems. [Toronto Observer]
  • Steven Kampfer and David Krejci were back in the line up and Matt Bartkowski was returned to Providence today. [Big Bad Blog]
  • Man, just everyone is a Bruins fan now that they won the Cup huh? [Barstool Sports]
  • Are all the Bruins taking side jobs at the take out window? NESN has these weird headsets now for post game interviews and they are so awkward. Like, is Patrice Bergeron getting set to fly an airplane here or is he going to ask me what size McFlurry I want? [NESN]
  • The Stanley Cup visited the pastoral center of the Boston archdiocese in Braintree today. [Patriot Ledger]
  • Denis Leary is hosting a Literary Journal Gala and Cam Neely will be reading. [GalleyCat]
Hockey News:
  • ESPN's goalie gear guide. Lust over the helmets and pads. [ESPN]
  • Were you wondering how Finnish draft picks are expected to do this year? Hockey's Future took a look at the players lacing up the skates in Finland. And for the record, the Bruins have a prospect mentioned! [Hockey's Future]
  • Speaking Finland and Europe, the NHL will now be broadcasting its games there with a television deal with MTG. [NHL]
  • People continue to write about NHL tough guys. Hazards aside, guys are still going to drop the gloves even as informed as they are. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Moving the draft age a year would impact the CHL dramatically and the proposal to do so is quite the conversation topic in Canada. [SportsNet]
  • It can be argued that goalies are in the "golden age." But it brings about the question as to whether or not they are too much of a dominant presence. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The color commentator for the Nashville Predators is the only reason this article is at all appealing. He had some interesting things to say about the criticism Roberto Luongo has been taking. [TSN]
  • The oil derrick the Oilers use in their pregame stuff malfunctioned the other day but it is good to go now! [Edmonton Journal]
  • Living the dream at age 30. Bracken Kearns played in his NHL debut Thursday night at an age when most players are considered veterans. [USA Today]
NonHockey Links of the Day:
  • A mash up of Nirvana and Europe. Not many things are more awesome than this. [Youtube]
  • I've been home all week. Read about the intense crime from my hometown. [Andover Townsman]