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Hitting The Links: Layover Edition

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OHAI A GOOOAL. let's do more of this please.
OHAI A GOOOAL. let's do more of this please.

The Bruins are in the midst of a four-days-off stretch right now, with the next game a big one - Thursday against the Canadiens. The Bruins have their own struggles, obviously, but the Habs aren't looking too shiny either, so perhaps whichever team emerges as the winner from that game (and also possibly Saturday's game) will be on a better track to pick up the pace and improve their record.

Only time will tell.

After the jump, another trade went down, the Bruins will face a sort-of old friend in Montreal on Thursday, and a brotherly showdown in the city of brotherly love....

Bruins News:


  • Remember when the Chris Kelly trade happened? I believe the ovewhelming reaction was "meh." Looking back now, that was probably the wrong reaction - he's actually pretty good. [Herald]
  • 2006 was the year that got the ball rolling for the 2011 Stanley Cup. Kirk Luedeke has a good look back at how the whole thing was put together. [Hockey Journal]
  • Oh look, a link from the paper I work at: that kid who scored the GWG in the Bruins/Sharks game on Saturday is from Essex. Here's the hometown angle. [Gloucester Daily Times]
  • The Bruins need to start finishing their chances early in games. [Globe]
  • The combination of Milan Lucic, Tyler Seguin, and Chris Kelly has been a surprisingly good piece of an otherwise mediocre performance lately. [NESN]


NHL News:


  • The Coyotes traded Petteri Nokelainen to the Canadiens over the weekend. Not a blockbuster move, really, but the Bruins get to face another former teammate on Thursday. [USA Today]
  • It's a Schenn-fest in Philly! Luke Schenn and the Maple Leafs face Brayden Schenn and the Flyers today. [The Star]
  • Brett Hull is the greatest thing to happen to twitter. Here he is trolling Sabres fans like it's going out of style. [Puck Daddy]
  • John Tortorella held a 17-second press conference after the Rangers lost to the Oilers on Saturday. It's pretty unreal. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Which NHL stars haven't scored goals yet this year? [Puck Daddy]
  • The Capitals absolutely spanked the Red Wings 7-1 this weekend. They're undefeated so far this season, which to be honest is a little bit scary. [Freep]
  • How has no one been fired in Columbus yet? The Blue Jackets have started the season 0-7-1. #failfornail? [PHT]