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Hitting The Links: Back To Basics Edition

The Bruins have the day off from practice today, with a press conference scheduled at 6pm featuring Peter Chiarelli. A lot of nervous speculation is being thrown around regarding the topic of today's press conference, and truly, it could be any number of things. It could simply be a means of addressing the media on a day off to answer any generic questions.

Who knows. What we should be focusing on is the rivalry games coming up, Thursday and Saturday. Both the Bruins and the Canadiens are on rough starts to their seasons, moreso the Canadiens, and two emotionally charged games could be the means to kickstart the season for whatever team emerges victorious.

After the jump, Jaromir Jagr rides victorious, there's a new Panthers goalie in town, and Bruins-Habs isn't the only vicious home-and-home this week...

Bruins News:


  • As speculated, no one is hurt; Jordan Caron just came back to practice because the Bruins' coaches felt it'd be a good experience for him. Oh, the wonders of having your AHL team an hour away. [Milford Daily News]
  • The nice thing about four days off? Time to heal. Claude Julien believes Adam McQuaid will be good to go against the Canadiens. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins' biggest issue is finishing. They have scoring chances, but how to convert those into goals? [WEEI]
  • Julien isn't one for punishment. Hard work, yes, but there have been no bag skates yet this year. [Herald]


NHL News:


  • Dave Stubbs has a nice piece about Montreal's struggles early on; their home record is worse than it's ever been in the history of the franchise to start this season. Yikes. [Post]
  • If you missed it last night, go find video; Jaromir Jagr scored two goals, and the infamous 'salute' is back. [Sports daily]
  • Alex Ovechkin is the most recent addition to Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in DC. His figure is....really creepy, like most wax statues. [Post]
  • The Penguins/Islanders home and home has potential to get brutal, especailly considering the team's recent violent history. [PHT]
  • The Flyers won last night against the Maple Leafs, but the win was overshadowed by an eye injury to the tough Chris Pronger. [Philly]
  • A college hockey program folds, and there are lots of fingers to point. [Gross Misconduct]
  • There's a new goalie in town: young Jacob Markstrom stopped 40 shots last night against the Canadiens, and held his own quite nicely. [Miami Herald]