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Hitting The Links: Pink Nightmare Edition

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Halloween is awesome. It's even more awesome when people you don't expect to dress up put on ridiculous costumes for the entertainment of small children. Last year we got Brad Marchand, Tyler Seguin, Jordan Caron, and Adam McQuaid dressed up to visit the Childrens' Hospital to visit sick kids. This year, apparently Seguin was too cool for school in the Halloween department, so who picked up the slack? Captain Zdeno Chara, of course.

After the jump, an entire photo gallery of pictures of Chara dressed in the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story (along with Caron dressed as a crayola crayon, Marchand as Prince Eric, and McQuaid as Fred Flintstone) and the best pseudo-facebook image ever....

Bruins News


  • Halloween gallery. Just click it. [NESN]
  • This is a masterpiece of a pretend facebook wall: what if the Stanley Cup were on Facebook? How would its summer have looked? [Bruins Hockey Now]
  • Here's some fun with numbers: Patrice Bergeron is on pace to break faceoff records. [Hockey Journal]
  • Max Pacioretty probably will not play tomorrow against the Bruins. [Projo]
  • Maybe a game against the hated Habs will be like Gatorade and a greasy breakfast after their (Cup) hangover. Hey, that's my go-to remedy, ok.  [Herald]


NHL News


  • Shortly after GM Scott Howson posted his 'Stand and Fight' letter on the Blue Jackets' website, they got their first win of the year against Detroit - and without goalie Steve Mason! [USA Today]
  • Remember that spinorama move Patrick Kane tried on Tim Thomas? Other goalies are not as good as Tim Thomas, obviously. Check this move out. [NHL]
  • Shane Doan got his 300th goal last night! And then the Coyotes lost. boo. [AZ Central]
  • Carey Price is winless in his breast cancer awareness pads. So he won't be wearing them anymore. [NESN]
  • The Senators beat the Hurricanes 3-2 in a shootout last night. The Sens are now third in the northeast. How did that happen so suddenly? [Silver Seven Sens]
  • The Oilers are probably getting a new arena. [Arena Digest]
  • They're also on my <3 list because they chased Roberto Luongo last night. What a basketcase that guy is. [Journal]