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Need Tickets For Tomorrow? Look No Further

Chances are, you've been looking for Bruins tickets. Chances are, you'd love nothing more than to see them beat up on the suddenly hopeless Habs and join in the NINE-TY-THREE chants that Cornelius is sure to get going tomorrow night.

Chances also are that you don't want to pay the three figures that it'd take to get into the game. Lucky for you, TiqIQ has come to the rescue.

The Bruins may be off to a slow start, but there's no better remedy for a slow-starting team than playing the worst team in the conference, especially when that worst team in the conference just so happens to be their arch-rivals in a home and home series.

With our ticket partner TiqIQ's "Make an Offer" feature, you can get into the game at a good price: Make an offer of $65 for a seat that's normally near $100, and you're in! But act fast, as the TiqIQ "Make an Offer" feature expires TODAY at 7pm!

Can't make the Montreal game? Don't forget to check back with Cup of Chowder for tickets to any and all games on SCoC's built-in ticket platform.