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Hitting The Links: Wake Up Call Edition

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Why can't weeeee be frieeeeends, why can't weeee be frie-- oh we're on a line together now? Oh okay then.
Why can't weeeee be frieeeeends, why can't weeee be frie-- oh we're on a line together now? Oh okay then.

Everyone's clamoring about how this game could be a potential "big wake-up call" for the Bruins. Unfortunately, the Canadiens had a game like that last night. Will they be tired from their 4-1 5-1 effort over Jaromir Jagr and the Flyers? It wasn't much of an effort, considering Philly only managed 22 shots on goal. The key to beating Carey Price and the Habs will be to shoot a lot and often, and to get those new lines rolling. It'd be great to see a big night out of newly-formed SKL line, for sure.

After the jump, which rookies will return to juniors, the NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer work, and a Montreal coach...fired?

Bruins News:

  • Gone are the never-changing lines of last season: Claude Julien is hoping to get the team's chemistry going by mixing things up a little. And some of the combos have seemed to look better than others. [herald]
  • Here are some Bruins reactions to Zdeno Chara's bunny suit. [NESN]
  • Chris Kelly is the unsung hero of the Lucic-Kelly-Seguin line. Here's why. [South Coast Today]
  • The Bruins are playing like their jobs are not on the line. Which, they sort of aren't. How do they fix that? [Globe]
  • Hard to agree with this site's calling out of Dennis Seidenberg, as he hasn't really been the biggest problem for the Bruins so far. [PHT]

NHL News:

  • The Blues shut out the Canucks last night and it was awwwweeeesommeeeee. [Sun]
  • Which of the five remaining 2011 draft picks will stick with their NHL teams - and not go back to juniors? [NHL
  • Montreal fired their assistant coach an hour before gametime yesterday. Ouch. [Journal]
  • Interesting read on how hockey is distantly the fourth most popular sport in the USA. [View from my seats]
  • The Habs routed the Flyers 4-1 5-1 last night. Max Pacioretty, who will play tonight, played a key role. [USA Today]
  • This guy is going to play a hockey game in every United State. Check out where he is now. [Stopping in every state]
  • Jonas Hiller has a special mask for Movember and it is unreal. And hilarious. [The Goalie Guild]
  • The Rangers are finally home! Since MSG was undergoing renovations, they were on a super long road trip - but tonight is finally their home opener. [ESPN]
  • Here's a cool list of all the stuff different teams did for hockey fights cancer month. Loves it. [NHL]