NYC Fieldtrip - TIME TO PAY THE PIPER (or your ticket reps)

Alright folks, so we failed to make our group sale quota with the Rangers. Claude is disappoint.

But... our MSG ticket rep has decided that they want our money anyway, so it's time to pay up son.

Based on the final headcount from earlier this week (see below), I have 11 seats on hold with MSG with payment due on Monday. I've held these on reserve for two weeks and kept delaying payment - I think they'll actually release our seats this time if we don't get em paid as scheduled.

The fieldtrippers:

TomServo42 + 1 (2 for isles)
Cornelius Hardenbergh
Losted125 + 2
phoneymahoney + 2
Dave Carignan

The final amount for both games with paypal fees included comes to $139.34. Payments should be sent via paypal by no later than Monday 10/31 at noon EST.

Use the "Send Money" option and click "goods" under the purchase tab (for reasons of fraud protection for you guys, don't use the personal tab) to send the above amount to the following paypal user: Quentin A Little @ Gmail . com (obviously without the spaces, the name is all one block of text without spaces, underscores or periods. And I guess I've given away my secret identity now). On the next window where you choose your payment method, please put "SCOC NYC" in the subject line and note your SBNation username in the message. If your "plus ones" are paying independently of you, please inform them to reference your SBN name in the message as well so I can keep track.

I will be making the purchases late Monday afternoon. If I don't have payment from absolutely all confirmed fieldtrippers, I will instead promptly issue refunds and personally be out about 40 bucks in paypal fees and owed beers in perpetuity from all of you.

Should anyone else want to join in the fun but couldn't get it together in time for the group tix, there are still lots of tickets available on Ticketmaster's TicketExchange, though not at a reasonable price in the section we'll be in (103). And if anyone just wants to come for the Islanders game, contact me. It's easy to expand our group buy for that game but I will be purchasing on Monday.

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