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Friday Night Fights: Andrew Ference vs. Matthew Barnaby

Andrew Fenence vs. Matthew Barnaby November 7th 2006
Andrew Fenence vs. Matthew Barnaby November 7th 2006

Tale of the Tape:

Andrew Ference:  5'10" 191 lbs   27 career fighting majors

Matthew Barnaby: 6'1"   191 lbs 250 career fighting majors

On November 7, 2006, Andrew Ference arguably had his greatest fight as a pro to date.  He fought Matthew Barnaby, one of the best fighters of his time.  It was about that time to get a Ference fight written up on here, he's tough, scrappy and you all seem to appreciate his love for the Earth.  

The scrap starts because Ference took exception from a hit courtesy of  Barnaby that knocked him down to the ice.   Ference seems to get the best of Barnaby early in the fight, but Barnaby a proven veteran starts to take over. Barnaby begins to have the advantage as it looks like Ference is tiring until Ference drops a bomb into Barnaby's face.  The two throw a few more hard shots in until the refs break it up.  It was a long bout with each connecting with numerous punches each.  The result was even and neither would take the loss.  Ference held his own against the much more notable fighter in Barnaby. 

Matt Barnaby vs Andrew Ference Nov 7, 2006 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)

Andrew Ference isn't the biggest guy in the league and the twelve year vet hasn't been in a large number of fights. Pound for pound he is one of the toughest guys in the league and will back down from no one.  He is usually the first to jump in when one of his teammates gets nailed with a cheap shop and always makes that guy pay for his erratic play.  There is a reason that he has earned the "A" on his sweater.  It isn't because of goals scored it is because of heart, determination and loyalty to his teammates and that six spoked B  he suits up in each night.