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Hitting The Links: Where's The Candy Edition

Where is your speedo, PK? and your goggles? Oh wait you have to dress up for Halloween, jk my bad
Where is your speedo, PK? and your goggles? Oh wait you have to dress up for Halloween, jk my bad

So i don't know about Cornelius and Kathryn, but I'm still recovering from this weekend. What a giant shenanigan. Hopefully the Bruins are in better shape than this. Apparently they had a day of video review yesterday, where they got to sit and look at all of their own flaws for hours and hours. Good idea in theory, but in practice, will it make a difference? In other news the Bruins are just barely NOT in last place in the league. The Columbus Blue Jackets pulled out their second win of the season last night to put them just a point behind our Stanley Cup Defenders.


Anyways, after the jump, a bunch of relevant links. Some pertain to Halloween, some don't. Read on.

Bruins News:

  • Apparently this Tyler Seguin hip thing is a bunch of BS. [Globe]
  • The Canadiens dive sometimes. In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue... [Globe]
  • Another post-game assessment from the Black and Gold Blog. How do the Bruins fix this situation? [Hockey Journal]
  • Since it's Halloween, here's a gallery of some Bruins dressed in fancy clothes just for funsies. [Improper]
  • Ryan Spooner might get traded sooner than we thought (between OHL teams, not NHL teams obviously.) [Somethings Bruin]

NHL News:

  • Apparently some of the rioters from vancouver are getting charged today. [Sun]
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL: The Washington Capitals photoshopped as Zombies. this is literally terrifying. [Caps Outsider]
  • OMG RNH: David Rundblad and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are...really, really good. [PHT]
  • Bruins prospect Jamie Arniel's uncle, Scott Arniel, might not be long for his job as coach of the Blue Jackets. [Free press]
  • Watch Shane Doan get hunted on Mantracker! As far as I know this came out a while ago but was never online until now. Sweeeeet. [NHL]
  • Chris Pronger's vision is still all messed up. Yikes. [Yahoo]
  • Raffi Torres went as Jay-Z for halloween and some people are really angry about it. [Puck Daddy]
  • Craig Ramsey gets to face the team that basically ditched him for something shinier in Florida's next game. [NHL]