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Bold And Not So Bold Bruins Predictions

There are few things more beautiful that the start of a new season? For one night anything is possible and there is nothing but daydreams of what the coming months will bring. Add to that a banner being raised to rafters and it is hard not to think how much higher we can get. So let’s daydream for a little shall we?





  • Tyler Seguin will become a fixture on the top power play unit and hit 50 points. 25 goals is a realistic goal but with the added time on the man advantage he can hit 30 and lead the team in powerplay points.
  • Brad Marchand will score at least 30 goals and see his ice time sky rocket as he plays on almost every situation.
  • Goaltending will be a problem, but not in the way you think. Tim Thomas will certainly have a regression but will remain an elite goaltender, but the reemergence of Tuukka Rask will make playing time an issue especially once the playoffs roll around.
  • The Bruins will still not have a 50 goal scorer
  • Milan Lucic will not repeat his 30 goal performance.
  • Nathan Horton will score 40 goals.
  • Beniot Pouliot will serve as a decent replacement for Micheal Ryder scoring 20 goals.
  • Peter Chiarelli will again kick the tires at the trade deadline and bringing in a D-man to shore up the top-four.
  • Andrew Ference will get hurt again, but we won’t all get mad at him for it this time.
  • The Northeast will come down to the wire as a vastly improved Sabres team continues to be a thorn in the Bruins side.
  • Screw it. We’re winning the cup again.

What crazy things do you see? Feel free to let us know in the comments.