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Friday Night Fights: Cam Neely vs. Scot Kleinendorst/Shayne Corson

Cam Neely pounding down his best friend Ulf Samuelsson down to the ice in retaliation to the cheap shot he took on Neely's knee.
Cam Neely pounding down his best friend Ulf Samuelsson down to the ice in retaliation to the cheap shot he took on Neely's knee.

Tale of the Tape: 


Cam Neely:                6'1"  218 lbs,  94 career fighting majors

Scot Kleinendorst:      6'3"  205 lbs, 39 career fighting majors


Main Event:

Cam Neely:                6'1"  218 lbs,   94 career fighting majors

Shayne Corson:         6'1"  202 lbs,  165 career fighting majors

January 29, 1987 the Bruins were facing the former Hartford Whalers. Midway through the second period, Cam Neely and Scot Kleinendorst dropped the gloves.  In a matter of seconds Kleinendorst drops Neely with a vicious right.  The fight is quickly over, but that is not the end of this story.

Late in the third period Neely is looking for revenge after Kleinendorst's TKO.  The two square off again, but this time Neely begins swinging manically.  It seems that Neely remembered a period before when he got his bell rung and wanted to gain his dignity back.   Neely landed bomb after bomb splitting Kleinendorst's nose open before slamming him to the ice.  Kleiendorst certanily landed a handful of punches during the scrap, but clearly the ones Neely threw were harder and more full of rage.  This wasn't the last time these two squared off.  Neely won fight number three but the second fight was clearly the greatest of the group

Cam Neely vs Scot Kleinendorst Round 2 (via igotregistered)


On November 20, 1986 Canadien Shayne Corson and Cam Neely get into a heated scrap.  They both trade off blow after blow, but it seemed that Neely's hit a bit harder.  The whole time Neely if facing Corson with his head up taking Corson punches like its nothing,  while Coron helmet on, has his head down low as if he knows exactly who he is fighting.  After the refs break up the fight there is blood all over Neely's right eye.  It looks like Corson got the best of Neely, but it is actually deceiving because earlier in the game Neely took a slap shot to the face of of his own teammate Al Peterson.  Even though Corson connected with a decent amount of punches, all he really did was open up fresh stitches on Neely's face.  It was just another day in the life of Cam Neely.  Get hit in the face with a puck and get into a fist fight in the same night.

Cam Neely vs Shayne Corson - BLOODY (via nhlfightclub)


Cam Neely wasn't just one of the toughest guys during his time, but one of the baddest in NHL history.  These two fights just barley scratch the surface of the career he had as a fighter and  an offensive force.  His career was cut short because of how hard he played each and every night, and well cough...cough... Ulf  Samuelsson's cheap shot. Arguably he is one of the top three greatest Bruins of all time and could probably still pound down a few of these young guys on the ice if he ever needed to.