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Hitting The Links: Turning The Page Edition

Awesome. October is over. 

As hilarious as it was to make the fail for nail jokes, we're 1/8 of the way through the season now, and the losing isn't really funny anymore. A new month is a perfect time to start a new winning streak, to ruin some other teams' winning streaks, and to just generally turn the ship around. Ottawa has won six games straight. Tim Thomas is historically good against Ottawa. Just saying.

After the jump, some good old timey photos, Joe Thornton calls the Rangers 'soft', and some other nonsense. Read on.

Bruins News:


  • The Bruins should really, really ruin this streak the Senators have going on. [CBC]
  • A well-known Montreal reporter has some really nice things to say about Tim Thomas. [Post]
  • Trading players away is not the answer to fixing this Bruins team. [Herald]
  • Instead, they have to fix things from within. [Globe]
  • There were some slight shifts on the power play, but for the most part, lines remain intact. [Wicked Local]


NHL News:


  • John Walton, the radio voice of the Capitals, shared some photos from World War II of people playing hockey in POW camps. Just a cool look at the game. [Capitals Voice]
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning's arena, the St. Pete Times forum, is getting a name change to go with its facelift. [Tampa Bay online]
  • Jaromir Jagr gets up close and personal with a jar of Jagr peanut butter. [Courier post]
  • Phil Kessel dressed as a lion, and other hilarious Maple Leafs costumes. [PPP]
  • Here is a primer on hockey that you can show to all your disenchanted NBA fan friends. [PHT]
  • Joe Thornton called the Rangers 'soft'. Oh hello pot, kettle calling. [SBN]
  • Dan Carcillo has been complaining about his reputation? Really, guy? [SBN]