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Friday Night Fights: Shawn Thornton vs. Riley Cote


Tale of the tape:

Shawn Thornton:  6'2" 217lbs 123 career fighting majors

Riley Cote:            6'2" 220lbs   68 career fighting majors

There isn't much of a reason why Shawn Thornton and Riley Cote went at it on October 27, 2007.  It was early in the season and it seems the two well known fighters just wanted to square off and knock each other block off for a good time.  As soon as they drop the gloves they both start swinging maniacally landing punch after punch.  The fight resembles the old P.J Stock/Stephen Peat battle. The two go shot for shot throwing over twenty punches each and landing with just about every one of them.  Cote ties up Thornton early in the fight and it seemed he may have been tired or took a hard shot to the kisser.  Then the two quickly pull away from their hold and start landing with a fury of lefts each. The pair threw over fifty punched in only thirty seconds of action until they decide they both have had enough.

Shawn Thornton vs Riley Cote (via adamshockeysite)

It is tough to say who takes the victory in this fight.  Shawn Thornton probably gets the edge for landing a few more punches.  However decision can easily go either way.  Thornton was new as a Bruin and wanted to let the fans know why he was wearing the black and gold.  As he became a fan favorite immediately after this fight. As for Cote, he was a rookie and fought all through the preseason and by going toe to toe with Shawn Thornton he just wanted to prove his place on the Flyers roster. It doesn't get much earlier in a season than late October, but the brawl that Thornton and Cote endured easily could be the fight of the 2007-08 season.