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Hitting the Links: Gutless/Weekend Edition

The Bruins made it five in a row last night with a dominant 6-2 win over Northeast rival Buffalo. The Sabres did some flashy free-agent spending this summer making Pegulaville all nice and shiny, but it didn't seem to matter last night. Then again, no matter how much you pay Ville Leino, it doesn't make him worth it.

The big story of the game was Milan Lucic running into Ryan Miller in the first period and knocking Miller's helmet off, with Miller swinging his stick around after but missing Lucic. The Sabres players on the ice weren't exactly the right guys for a fight compared to the Bruins on the ice, and Lucic got out of it with just a charging minor. After the game, Miller stuck around just to rant a little about Lucic and the hit and call Lucic "gutless." Lucic said his team would've taken care of business in that situation, "But we're a different team than they are." The next three games in the season series are unfortunately in Buffalo, but they should be fun games nonetheless.

After the jump, a guy turns broken sticks into canes, more Lucic-Miller talk, and a nice occasion for a guy from my hometown.

                   Bruins News


  • Tim Thomas says that goalies don't really expect to be hit in that situation. As a goalie, I agree. Tim's walking a fine line here, trying to defend his teammate but also Miller too as a fellow goalie and Olympic teammate. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins did a really nice thing for Military Appreciation Night, bringing out Darren and Lori Jacobs of my hometown of Pembroke to be reunited with their son Charlie who was overseas. My Dad has played with Darren for a long time now, really nice guy and a great job by the Bruins to set this up. Watch the ceremony if you haven't already. [NHL]
  • It looked like the Bruins got it going after Lucic hit Miller. [ESPN]
  • Linemates that party together, score together. [ESPN]
  • Bruins prospect Zach McKelvie, a West Point grad and former Army lieutenant, feels people should remember the military more often. Well said. [ProJo]
  • Puck Daddy's coverage of the Lucic-Miller incident. Beware: the comments are the usual crap. [Puck Daddy]
  • Lucic's full quote from last night. [Pro Hockey Talk]


             NHL News


  • Someone alert Jack Edwards! There is a purpose for broken sticks! [Puck Daddy]
  • All is not well in Winnipeg. [NHL]
  • Who gets the blame for all the stalling talk? It should be noted that the Blues beat Tampa 3-1 last night, without playing ridiculous mind games. It's not impossible people. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Leafs lose to the Sens. They really miss Reimer. [TSN]
  • Kerry Fraser on head-butting during fights. [TSN]

November 23rd is the next time the Bruins and Sabres meet. It is, of course, in Buffalo. Should be fun.